San Francisco and Stanford University (December 2007)

The official purpose of this trip was a meeting with our research collaborator at Stanford, Annelise E. Barron, and her group. But you won't see a lot of evidence of that in the photos :) I arrived two days early to spend the weekend in San Francisco. I was going to do it alone, but luckily, it turned out a friend of mine, Dmitry Makhov, who lived at that time in Davis, a roughly 2-hour drive from San Francisco, was spending most of his weekends in S.F., as his (now ex-) girlfriend lived there. This was very helpful indeed! On the first day, he drove me around the city; on the second day, I first spent a few hours on my own taking a cable car and walking through the Chinatown and then Dmitry and his girlfriend Sonya took me to the Muir Woods redwood forest (секвойевый лес) and then to the top of Mount Tamalpais. In Stanford, Annelise gave us a brief tour of the campus and then, after the meeting, I spent half a day walking around the campus and its vicinity (including the Dish area).

San Francisco, day 1

San Francisco, day 2