Catalonia (Spain)

We only visited a small part of Spain around the city of Barcelona in Catalonia. We stayed for a week in the resort town of Lloret de Mar. We spent most of the time on the beach, but also had trips to Barcelona (with its famous buildings by Gaudí) and the monastery of Montserrat. On the latter trip, most tourists were Polish Catholics who wanted to see the famous “black Madonna”, but for us it was mostly the scenery around the monastery that made the trip worthwhile. We also had fun at a water park and we also thought a bullfight, however cruel, was a must.

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Lloret de Mar
Just me :) Palms Mini-castle Agaves
Water Park-1 Water Park-2 Water Park-3 Paragliding
Bullfight-1 Bullfight-2

Monastery View-1 View-2 Black Madonna

Park Guell Bullfighting Building Sardana, Catalonian national dance