France, Spain, Germany, June-July 2001


Rest of France


Dresden, Germany

This was a three-week bus tour with my mother. The trip started and ended in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv where we got by train from our hometown of Kyiv. A bus with two Spanish drivers was waiting for us. After crossing the border with Poland (not without a bit of adventure, as a stranger hid on our bus and crossed the border illegally with us) and an uneventful trip through Poland and Germany (with only a single stop to spend a night in Bolesławiec, Poland), we arrived in Metz, France. After spending five days in France (as detailed here), we traveled to Lloret de Mar, a Mediterranean resort in Catalonia, Spain, where we spent a week with a few trips to different places, including Barcelona (as described here). Leaving Spain, we returned to France visiting Monaco and spending a night in Nice, then crossed Italy and Austria without stopping (other than brief "technical breaks", of course :), actually spending a night on the bus, and arrived in Dresden, Germany (see here). Crossing the border with Poland, we had another little incident, as it turned out one of our drivers forgot to renew his passport (and remember that Poland was not part of the Schengen Area back then), so he had to get off the bus and we continued with one driver. Another night near Kraków, a border with Ukraine, and the trip was over.