France and Monaco

After spending a night in Metz, we arrived in Paris, where we stayed for three days (see here). After that, we traveled to the Loire Valley, famous for its castles and saw two of them, Château de Chambord and Château de Blois, the latter in the town of Blois, where we also walked around and spent a night. After a long bus ride (for some reason, nearly reaching Bordeaux), we stayed overnight in Montauban and next morning reached the fortress of Carcassonne, which is a rare example of a fortress with the town inside still preserved. Soon after that, we crossed the Spanish border and spent a week in Spain (see here). Returning to France, we visited Nice and Monaco (not quite France, but almost :), and finally, crossed the border with Italy leaving France for good.

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Chambord-1 Chambord-2 Blois-1 Blois-2 Carcassonne

Cathedral Street

Old Town Prefecture Chagall Museum Russian Church

Prince's Palace Albert I Monument Cousteau Oceanographic Museum Monte Carlo Monte Carlo Casino Adam and Eve :)